We are Gloucester Labour. Standing up for the people of Gloucester, the Labour Party in our City has the interests of all citizens at its heart.


Holding the Tories to account in Gloucester City Council and in Gloucestershire County Council, Labour is here for you. Our PPC, Fran Boait, supported by the whole Labour movement in our City is working to oust Richard Graham and bring proper representation to the people of our communities.


We are a very active local Labour Party with a large and growing membership, and we want your help to bring an end to destructive Conservative policies that harm our jobs, our communities, and our NHS.


Join us to take the fight to the Tories, and together we can bring about a fairer and more equal city For The Many.


Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) are the basic units of the Labour party and are made up of party members. In Gloucester we have a growing membership of around 750. We are an All Member Meeting structured party. This means that to decide our business, we call meetings to which all members are entitled to attend. All our party positions are determined either by direct vote and debate at an All Member Meeting, or by vote at an Open Campaign Meeting. Unlike the Tories, our CLP is dedicated to grassroots democracy at the heart of the party.


Day-to-day business is performed by the CLP Executive Committee, which is made up of six executive officers, party co-ordinators, representatives of local trade unions and a representative for each ward in the constituency.

The CLP has two functions. The first is as a social force for change in our city. Our large membership has great power, and we're keen that that power is brought to bear at all times, not just during elections. The CLP is dedicated to empowering individuals and communities to get change going whether or not we have Labour politicians in power.

The second function of the CLP is to get candidates elected into the City Council, Gloucestershire County Council, and into the parliamentary seat. To do this, we work very closely with the Gloucestershire County Labour Group of Councillors and the Gloucester City Council Labour Group of Councillors. We organise regular meetings with councillors so our members feed into their activities and we are kept up to date on council matters.

Getting a Labour MP is desperately important for Gloucester. Fran Boait, our PPC, is an experienced organiser, and a pioneering campaigner on economic reform. She is also passionate about cleaning up our environment, ensuring we have proper funding for a fully publicly-owned NHS, and that we make our city safer, lower our child poverty rate, and raise standards in our schools. She regularly takes on Richard Graham and has highlighted the impact that the police cuts are making in our city, the cuts to free meals at school for the poorest children, and the complete mess that our local economy is in even though we are a decade on from the financial crash.


Chair: Tracy Millard

Secretary: Jack Fayter

Vice Chair (& Membership): Deborah Smith

Treasurer: Paul Thompson

Women's Officer: Annette Robinson

PPC: Fran Boait

Leader, City Council Group: Terry Pullen

Deputy, City Council Group: Kevin Stephens

County Councillor: Kate Haigh

Regional Board Member: Martin Hodges


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