Terry's Thoughts: Rubbish Start to New Year

Welcome to my first blog of 2018. I hope you all had a happy Christmas and wish you all the best for the New Year. Unfortunately, the New Year has not started well. We have seen rubbish and recycling left uncollected on our streets and much of this has been scattered by the winds leaving many roads in a terrible condition.


I understood and fully supported the decision taken to halt some collections over the holiday period due to adverse weather conditions, the safety of the workforce must be of paramount importance. I also appreciate the valiant efforts that have been made by the workforce who have worked very hard over extended periods including weekends to try and clear the backlog. However, the lack of contingency planning by the Tory administration at North Warehouse is apparent for all to see. Once again when it comes to it we have a privatised service failing to deliver to the standards that residents quite rightly expect and a Tory Council that is clueless when it comes to managing the performance of those services.


The administration seems to have been totally caught out by the joint effect of the holiday season and inclement weather and there was no effective contingency plan in place. It seems to me it was very much make it up as you go along.


I will be pressing the Tories to explain how we got to the position where, so much rubbish was left uncollected for so long and why no adequate contingency plans were in place. I will also be seeking assurances that lessons have been learnt from this debacle and if/ when similar circumstances arise in future there are proper plans in place to deal with it including the allocation of additional resources if required.


I will also be asking questions as to why residents were unable to get up-to-date advice with both the helpline number and the website being unable to cope. Even when residents were able to get through quite often the information given via the helpline was at odds with what was said on the website.

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