Terry's Thoughts: Civil War Conundrum – A Storm in a Civil War Teacup?

I write this blog as Leader of the Labour Group being proud and humbled having just attended ‘Gloucester Day’ where we celebrated the lifting of the siege of Gloucester. The siege began on 10th August and was lifted on 5th September 1643. The defending parliamentary garrison of Gloucester held out and defeated the royalist forces of King Charles 1st. Many historians regard Gloucester as one of if not the key battle of the English Civil War.


Gloucester folk are principl


ed and fiercely proud of their parliamentary traditions and it is therefore not surprising that Tory proposals to apply for the City to be granted Royal Status have created somewhat of a storm within a civil war teacup. Social media has seen many people highly critical of the state of the City with claims of dirty streets, problems with bin collections and recycling and a general state of neglect not deserving of Royal Status. Others have referred to how badly we were treated by the Crown after the siege with the subsequent removal of the City walls and to be fair others have thought it a good idea that will boost the City’s standing and increase tourism. We are keen to hear your views on the subject and would urge you to participate in the consultation. You can do so here.


I would also be interested in your views and you can email them to me at: terry.pullen@gloucester.gov.uk.

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