100 CLUB

Our 100 Club has run for many years but we’re always looking for new members! We’ve got lots of supporters signed up, but we’d love to get the Club to its biggest size yet!

The 100 Club is a club where you buy a subscription, get entered into a monthly draw and have a chance to win PRIZES! There is a guaranteed win every month.

Money from your subscription goes to support the work of Gloucester Labour (booking rooms, printing, campaigning, office expenses) and will help us plan for our future.

Join for as little as £1 per month!


  • You can join as long as you’re 16 or over.

  • 100 Club Members buy numbers, which are entered into a monthly draw.

  • You can buy a minimum of 1 number up to a maximum of 5 numbers.

  • Each number costs £1 per month.

  • Your first draw will be in the month you join.

  • We aim to give 50% of 100 Club income back in PRIZES. The rest raises money for the CLP & local Labour campaigns!


The more 100 Club Members we have, the higher the prize money!

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